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echoic; ping! In Nonsense Is Strength.

R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut. You gave me tons of nonsensical strength.


Something weird is going on with the individual post page.
I need to fix that a.s.a.p.

It has nothing to do with visitors; I simply need to update things.

echo exit;

ECHOED on April 14, 2007, 12:18 am

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RSS feed creation: a definite success!

I'm very happy to report that. This place has a working RSS feed.

If you want to look at it, check it out here: I made a working feed!

That's all for now. Except for the part where I'm still not sure where I want to move this. now has a better version of the "echoic; ping!" script. The layout at e-verse leaves a lot to be desired. Well, that's for another day.

I'm feeling somewhat accomplished now. Go me!

ECHOED on November 6, 2006, 6:51 pm

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RSS feed creation: somewhat of a success!!

Yes, I've finally been able to produce a bare-bones RSS feed.

I haven't added it to this site; I plan on moving this over to

I just don't know exactly where to "archive" this old baby.


That's all for now.

ECHOED on October 20, 2006, 4:39 am

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With the upcoming birthday of, I decided to give it a new look.

The trouble is, I'm feeling uninspired. So I started off with basic XHTML & PHP and absolutely no CSS. Just a bunch of words, appearing in the browser's default setting.

Since then, I've added some colours and now a modified photograph of - guess what? Oh, yeah, one of my favourite go-to pictures for layouts these days. The photo is the view from a boat on the Atlantic Ocean taken during my most recent trip to Atlantic City.

Right now it's looking... very generic. Except for the "I took this photograph and laugh in your face, people who use copyrighted pictures without permission!!!"
I should add that I'm guilty of the above offense. Rarely, but still...

Do me a huge favour, please. Take a look at how things are progressing and give me some advice. If you think it sucks - tell me! If you like the direction it seems to be going in - tell me! If you just pop in for a second to look, please sign the book.

I'm in the middle of re-coding some PHP goodness in addition to the ongoing makeover echoing is receiving.
Here's hoping I'll finish it in time for the actual anniversary!


ECHOED on September 1, 2006, 6:02 pm

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[x-posted anywhere I can find a willing textbox]

The following was not written by me, it comes directly from The Queen. I am cross-posting it anywhere and everywhere.
Please read it, thank you.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Now that I got your attention, I have something to tell you about that has nothing to do with sex. Sorry. It might be the only way I could get you to look in here. So look. Or else your ability to look at HOT WET ANAL SEX on here might be mightily impeded.
This is part one.

American capitalism. This concept has allowed the human race to progress at a dizzying speed that some are not so sure is good. I, however, believe that this is the beginning of man's finest hour, should we so choose to bring our best into fruition. This can't be done any other way than through the free market economy. I'm sorry, my socialist friends. It just doesn't happen so well in any other way. If it did, we would already be doing it. Some of you will mention that other countries are doing x, y and z better than us, but I counter you with the idea that not only did we invent x, y, and z, but we then had the sense to sell it to other countries for a profit. The VCR comes to mind right away. Most folks believe the Japanese invented it but that is not true. It was us.
Now I mention this because I want you to know that I am a die hard believer in this grand American experiment. I also know that the unbridled life force equals death, like in cancer, or war. So it is a delicate balance. Too much, and you die. Not enough and you wither away. This is why our concept of checks and balances is so mindblowingly effective and beautiful. The thing is, though, that it is not just the government, which YOU hire and YOU pay that has to participate in the checking and balancing. YOU have to help out, especially when the fat cats at the top are getting away with all kinds of murder, robbery rape, and pillage at the expense of the teeming masses beneath. That would be you. The teeming masses. If you want to keep your internet the way it is right now,meaning that there are no "tolls" at most sites imposed by companies and sanctioned by the government because we weren't paying attention, then listen up! Don't let the internet fall prey to the same disease that cripples California's electricity.
When it came time for the decision to be made about how to handle California's energy supply, the populace was asked a question directly. This was how it was worded. I know, because I worked at one of the information gathering companies that collected data for the surveys that backed the political arguments that changed the laws.
We called registered voters in CA and asked them something like this:

"Do you remember when there was only one telephone company and you had to get your phone, your phone lines and your local and long distance services through them? There was no choice, and therefore, no competition. The free market was not working in the phone industry at that time. Then, government came along and broke up the monopolies, which produced the competition between phone companies that led to your lower costs for phone service that you enjoy now. Thinking of this situation, do you think that energy should be deregulated the same way to allow for competition? There would be 'built-in' protections, of course. Consumers will have the ability to set a price that they will not go over when purchasing the energy, so you don't have to worry that they will be able to set whatever ridiculously high price they can and you have to buy it."
Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?
The only problem is that the person on the phone doesn't know that they are not the "consumer" in this equation. Their local power company is the consumer. So if the consumer says they will not pay over, say, a dollar per kwatt for electricity (the producers, now deregulated and able to tell the "consumer" to go to hell if they don't want to pay) they don't pay over the dollar. The beauty for the producer? The CONSUMER DOESN'T GET THE POWER. Period. It's not a bunch more laptops and Christmas trees that cause blackouts and brownouts in Cali, it's partly the fault of the deregulation of the power production companies. This was voted on. This was a referendum that the citizens said yes to because they didn't understand the implications. And thousands are in the dark every year since. Enron execs laughed like hell over that one, on the phone to each other in recorded conversations. And even though record profits were made, thousands of the employees lost everything they worked for thier whole lives. Something is wrong with this picture.
So what this brings me to is this. Right at this very moment there are forces aligning against you, and against me and against everyone that uses the internet. They are going to make a decision for you if you don't step up and do your part of the checking and balancing. I love the free market, but I have also driven down one of the largest streets in one of the largest cities largely in the dark with no working stoplights because the checks weren't balanced.


Let me tell you what this means in easy to understand terms. If there is no net neutrality, this will become pay to play, kids. It means that the largest companies will be the only ones to afford the highest speeds and that they will buy those speeds and sell them to you for more than you can afford. Why should the biggest companies be able to have the highest delivery speeds online while we are condemned to the lowest of the low? Think about this.

The sad part is, I'm going to have to rework this and present it to the AARP. They are the only group that I can think of that actually votes as a block and makes their votes effective. We could do that too, you know. That's partly what this internet is born to do, whether you realize it or not. Of course, HOT ANAL SEX is fun on here, too, but how much fun will it be when you have to wait 45 minutes again for it to load? The internet will eventually bring people that are physically distant into accord with each other mentally and otherwise so that they can effect change for the good of the group. You see where I'm going with this? You may believe your one vote doens't count. But I can gaurantee you that one vote times one million is enough to make anyone in office stand up and pay attention. And that, dear readers, is partly why this move to eradicate Net Neutrality cannot be allowed to happen. They are trying to take away our ability to use this little rock in a slingshot to bring down Goliath.
Plus you won't be able to download weird sex.
Please. Find your representative. Use the net while you are still able to do this. It's easy. Type in congress and then find your state and area and write to them. Sign the petition.

And pass this on. It's more important than you realize. Thank you.

Want more information? Watch Moby tackle the issue.

ECHOED on August 8, 2006, 4:06 am

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