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echoic; ping!

what is this mess?

I often wonder about that myself, actually. Let's try to get bare bones about it - except that's really hard for me to do.

Making a short story long? Oh, yeah, that's something I do quite well. The opposite is where I lack the appropriate skills. But I shall try.

Way back in 2000, I was able to register this domain free of charge. I loved the name, but had no idea what to do with it. So instead of worrying about what to do, I offered free e-mail addresses through That was all well and good, but it just seemed like that should be a temporary arrangement.

In my world, temporary could equal years, and let's face it, that's a not small portion of the time. (My world is also full of fun misuse of the English language.)

Meanwhile, the free registration expired, but I was (and still am) extremely intent on keeping it. So I ponied up the few bucks to renew with the registrar of my choice - every year, for five years. I started referring to as "the epitome of procrastination". Fitting, yeah? At some point during the past half decade, I discovered what I should do with this domain: Start a small hosting company!

What happened to that idea? Well, it's in the works. Sort of. We're working on "echo time" here, people. It often takes me years (literally, see above!) to get things done. Sure that is a lengthy period, but eventually that's what will be here.

Currently, the domain is my testing ground for the php scripts I'm writing for myself. I lovingly call the main script "echoic; ping!". I created it from scratch, using a fabulous tutorial from I'd like to expand my PHP knowledge, so I'm using as my little playground.

what's with the hideous layout?

It's a "skeleton". I often make skeletons that could (and often have) become future layouts. This one could be pretty damn cool. Imagine some interesting photos, a different colour scheme and much better use of CSS. Can you picture it? Me, too! I simply don't have the time to do that right now. Don't be surprised if in the the future you find this skeleton all fleshed out on one of my other domains.

End of story...
for now, anyway ;)


P.S. The little title graphic above has been with this domain for most of its life. Check it out over at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.